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Complimentary Consultation 


Redefining the Relationship

Aether Mediation structures the process of uncoupling based on the needs and wants of both parties. Our practice insists on a civilized discussion focused on practical issues and a fair outcome for both parties. Empowering both to have an equal say in this voluntary process is of paramount importance to Aether Mediation. This voluntary requirement ensures self-determination as each moves on with their lives separately.


The less control one has, the more emotionally challenging the divorce phase becomes. Taking charge of your own part of the process is empowering, reassuring and reconfirming of one's agency over their destiny. Aether Mediation is able to chart the path for you to reach a divorce agreement. Self-determination, self-empowering is what mediation offers as opposed to handing the process to the judicial system where the process moves at its own pace and the outcome is a risky gamble.

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