Conflict Coaching for Couples

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When couples therapy fails, you still have an option to hold on to your partner. You are at the right place for preserving your life with your love, your best friend, your partner. Walid will guide you to the path of calmness, optimism, and uninterrupted joy. This couples conflict coaching program is a journey of knowledge and understanding providing you with insights, tactics, and strategies to manage the causes of conflict and how to appropriately responses to them when they arise. By practicing what you learn you will be able to strengthen your union and provide your partner with what they need while you get the support you deserve.

This is not a magic-spell nor a shortcut. This coaching program empowers by teaching. You see your relationship in a different light, a realistic one where you will recognize the pitfalls leading to disastrous outcomes and how to manage conflicts and disputes within your relationship. The methods you will learn and employ will allow both of you to build on the love, inspiration, and kindness you once provided each other. You will have to do the work, and your union will reap the benefits. 


The good news is how short the program is. You can review your agenda below. If you are not ready and would like to learn more, please register for a free workshop by clicking on the most convenient session. In these sessions I will review all of the generic tools, which you can employ to avoid destructive conflicts with your partner.  The private program customizes specific tools to manage your unique issues.

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Do you love your partner yet hate your reoccurring conflicts? You ask yourself “why” only to come up empty-handed, or blaming your partner. You want your union to reflect your individual growth and your partner's. Often personal growth spells the end of many unions. Is there a way to hold on to your committed relationship while growing as a person? The seemingly impossible equation can be deciphered. My coaching sessions will empower you and your partner to manage your conflicts. We will embark on a journey to empower you to map and understand the types of conflicts within your relationship and how to respond to them in a constructive way.

Simplistically, we view “conflict” negatively when in fact its the factor that help us grow and evolve. However, when we fail to manage it conflict can become destructive. And no, destructive conflicts are not a product of communication problems, although communication breakdowns can perpetuate the problem. Typically, Many elements are at play r including how one responds to conflict, understanding the underlying issues, and negotiation strategies play a role. Without understanding how each one of these elements can lead to a resolution you are bound to repeat the same argument and solidifying an antagonistic stance.  once you learn how to apply these aspects to conflicts, you will effectively break the conflict cycle and find harmony.

Walid will listen to your conflict, analyze and map your specific conflict cycle and devise a plan for ending the destructive cycle. You will be able to reach a consensus over the issues at hand and have a process to address future conflicts before they spiral out of control.

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