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Fee Structure







couples Coaching

$140 hour

Sessions are charged by the hour.

Each hour is 50-minute long.

Check the Psychology Today listing for special rates here

virtual mediation

Online mediation

In response to the Coronavirus situation, Aether Mediation is offering video mediation. Similar to in-person mediation, a session of virtual mediation is schedule for a 2hr block. 

$250 per hour




Dispute Resolution

Mediation Services

A typical mediation session runs two hours. If parties are prepared and have all relevant documents and information, one session might be enough for one-issue mediations. Agreement drafting is billed at the same hourly rate.

$250 per hour

flat Fee

Complex, divorce and multi-issue mediation

Complex and divorce


Complex mediations include Family and multi-issue disputes. $2000 for up to 10 hour of mediation and agreement writing.

Sliding Scale

Variable fee Scale

Aether Mediation offers the following based on income according to the Federal Poverty Level:

$75 per hour up to 250%  FPL

$150 per hour up to 400%  FPL




in-person coaching is on hold

Option One

Over 8 sessions, a couple will meet four sessions jointly with the coach and twice individually, in addition to 90 minutes allotted calls and emails between sessions:



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