Aether Mediation is focused on helping couples untangle their relationship in an amicable fashion. Divorce is fraught with a combination of anxiety, uncertainty and/or agony. Aether Mediation is able to bring calmness and balance to the process. 

Divorce is one type of conflict Aether Mediation facilitates. Other conflicts require renegotiating the parameter of the relationships, including restructuring the family bond. In today’s society, the “family” no longer takes one form. Regardless of how the family bond looks, parties have their own challenges; traditional marriages and so does same-sex ones. We stand ready to help all forms of family bonds without judgment or reservations.

Aether Mediation is sensitive to the complexity of families: nuclear families, single parent, blended families, extended families, childless families, grandparent families and other family variations. When challenges turn into problems, and the problem turns into unsolvable conflicts, we can provide a safe space and the right environment to conduct mediation to resolve the issues.

Our dispute resolution expertise extends to conflicts between members of a community, neighbors and within the workplace.