Conflict Coaching for Couples

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Do you love your partner yet hate your reoccurring conflicts? You ask yourself “why” only to come up empty-handed, or blaming your partner. In these coaching sessions you will understand the "why." You will stop the blaming, the anger, and feeling sorry for yourself. Concurrently, you will embark on a journey of empowerment leading to harmony and stronger togetherness.

Simplistically, we view “conflict” negatively when in fact its the factor that help us grow and evolve. However, when we fail to manage it conflict can become destructive. And no, destructive conflicts are not a product of communication problems, although communication breakdowns can perpetuate the problem. Typically, Many elements are at play  including how one responds to conflict, understanding the underlying issues, and negotiation strategies play a role. Without understanding how each one of these elements can lead to a resolution you are bound to repeat the same argument and solidifying an antagonistic stance.  once you learn how to apply these aspects to conflicts, you will effectively break the conflict cycle.

Walid will listen to your conflicts, analyze and map your specific cycle of animosity and devise a plan restore your union. You will be able to reach a consensus over the issues at hand and have a process to address future conflicts before they spiral out of control.

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Sample Conflict Mapping Report

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Resolve Marriage Conflict:

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