A Win-Win Outcome Grounded in Reality

We face conflict on a daily basis. Most are not worthy of our energy, such as the ones we face while commuting or making routine purchases at the store or a restaurant. We can simply "resolve" those conflicts by ignoring the other party or by avoiding the situation altogether when possible. The reality is, we have numerous options to choose from when faced with conflict. One can choose to: avoid the people or the situation, accommodate the other party, compromise on one's demands, compete to impose a position, or collaborate to get what one needs while insuring the other party gets what it needs simultaneously. People adopt different default orientation for dealing with conflict, yet different situations demand different responses. Typically, the response is measured against the value and consequences of the arising conflict. Most of the listed styles above are win-lose or even lose-lose outcome, in the case where both sides compromise. Only one option leads to a win-win outcome; the collaborative option. 


Aether Mediation is dedicated to helping parties engage in a mediation process where the final agreement is a win for both sides. Our mediators are experts in helping the parties through finding that path where each ends up with what they need and want, balanced against the other parties needs and wants.


Contentious conflict situations usually are brought about with an event or a situation that is viewed to be unjust nor fair by a party. When direct attempts to resolve the issue fail, the disadvantaged party usually resorts to litigation. Once the dispute reaches the courts, it takes a life of its own. At times that new phase of the conflict is no longer concerned with the original point of dispute. Instead of seeking to correct the situation that brought on the conflict, the court system transforms it into a tool to punish the other party. Inflicting a financial cost and an emotional pain on the other party defines the court system experience. This is the opposite of the mediation process. Mediation saves the parties from paying an emotional price on top of an excessive financial cost when suing each other. In fact, mediation facilitates a cost-effective process with a collaborative approach to fairly resolve the dispute to the satisfaction of those involved. 


Mediation is an option for many disputes, including business disputes, landlord-tenant, HOA, workplace, and other less thought of situations, including dog incidents.