Restructuring the Family Unit

With passionate care, we help families with children reach an agreement that balances the many facets of their complicated lives. Aether Mediation is dedicated to a systematic approach to help all involved through the facilitative process of mediation. The process takes into consideration the emotional toll on family members, the practical implications on the parties, and the wellbeing of the children. While the courts offer a process for resolving unyielding family disputes, mediation is a better option. A mediated agreement is one where the parties arrive to, with the help of the mediator, to satisfy fairness for the parties and the wellbeing of the children. 

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Restructuring the family unit is necessary at times, but suffering through the process is not. Families are living organisms in more ways than one. Families evolve; expand and contract over the years — bonds between its members’ swings between ease and stress. Every once in a while, a member demand renegotiating the nature of their connection within the family; be it on a specific issue or over the nature of the bond itself. The continuous negotiations happen automatically with growing children grow, for instance. The “parents” may also experience growth leading to a change in the bond. A once compatible couple may grow into the relationship at a different pace, on a different trajectory, or just grow apart. Aether Mediation is experienced in helping families restructure the unit for the benefit of overcoming the conflict. 


Aether Mediation is sensitive to the complexity of families: nuclear families, blended families, extended families, adopted children families, grandparent families, pet parents families, and other family variations. When challenges turn into problems, and problems turn into unsolvable conflicts, we provide a safe space and the right environment to conduct mediation to restore harmony or arrive at a new arrangement.


Child support, child legal custody, child physical custody, parenting plan, and visitation are the most complex issues parties may have to negotiate. Aether Mediation treats these issues with the care and attention it deserves. Voluntarily engaging in the mediation process with an eye on the wellbeing of the children and self is crucial. Restructuring the family, by definition, means that the family bond will continue but will take a different shape. Our mediators will guide the parties through this phase to traverse contentious disagreements to come to an agreement that acknowledges the concerns behind the demands.


A typical Family Mediation is resolved in two to three sessions. Complicated cases might need additional session if additional resources are brought into the process such as psychological support, financial advisor, guardian ad litem etc. The mediator will discuss and make these resources available if helpful to the parties. Aether Mediation accounts for the specific needs of each Family Mediation, knowing that no two cases are alike.