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Principal Mediator

Walid Abdul-Jawad is a calm and collected mediator who is intuitively in tune with the parties. Throughout his mediation experience, Walid shows concern for the wellbeing of the parties involved bringing steadiness and purposefulness to the process. In a balanced manner and a soft approach, Walid is able to guide the process to the calm shores of a fair agreement. 

Walid's commitment to facilitating agreements is exemplified in his dedication to helping people through alternative dispute resolution. He founded Aether Mediation to serve as a platform for dispute resolution education and avail the process to the communities of Washington, DC and Virginia. In addition to conducting mediations for conflicting parties, he also holds free divorce workshops to help guide people through a stressful period in their lives. 


Mediation has yet to be an option for most people due to the lack of understanding of the process. Therefore, Walid holds educational workshops and talks to explain how mediation and dispute resolution tools and professionals can help. He is the Second Saturday's Washington DC leader holding divorce workshops on a rolling basis in the District. Also, he gives talks throughout Northern Virginia on the topic of dispute resolution and the mediation process. His pro bono work is offered through the Arlington County Department of Human Services. Beyond that, he offers a sliding scale fee structure for underprivileged disputants. 


Of most allure of the Human Conditions to him is "conflict." His life's journey is focused on alleviating the destructive aspects of conflict by helping parties resolve their disputes amicably and fairly. Walid is a practitioner with a decade's worth of conflict analysis and resolution experience. He is a Virginia Supreme Court certified mediator and a member of the American Bar Association as well as the Virginia Mediation Network. Building on his Master's degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, and his undergrad in Decision Science he led discussions between the U.S. government and different groups and individuals around the world.  


Walid's mediation style is a facilitative one. He insists on empowering the parties to reach an equitable agreement built on the principle of self-determination. Ensuring the balance of power between the two parties is most critical to his approach. Although he never sides with one party in favor of the other, he is always biased toward fairness, transparency and positive intentions.